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English has been one of the most popular languages for many years. Today it is the most widely spoken language in the world. Knowledge of English can bring you enormous benefits as you can stay into contact with foreigners, for instance chatting with your pen friends whose mother tongue is English, talk business with your partners or just have small talks with someone in a friendly way. It is also a well-known fact that knowledge of foreign languages can give you an opportunity to have a well-paid job being interpreter or translator. That’s why a great amount of people try not to be out of touch with current trend in learning English. It is very easy to tell the difference between educational process today and 20 years ago. If I had an opportunity to write a letter to my peers from the past and tell briefly about modern technologies it would be like this:
Hello pals,
I’m a teenager from your future. I live in 2014 where nobody has considerable difficulties with studying English because we have a lot of different ways to improve our knowledge and develop skills.

To start with, we have an opportunity to communicate with native speakers not only visiting different countries where English is official language but also to get hold of pan-friends all over the world throughout the Internet. It is a World Wide Web which helps us not to lose touch with each other. Using a programme “Skype” we can talk to foreigners non-stop as well as see them and smile at them and not afraid to be suddenly cut off or run out of money because it’s absolutely freely.Furthermore, there are plenty of different online dictionaries which can help us to learn new words, expressions, phrasal verbs and their definitions. A perfect example is English thesaurus which provides users with complete information on the meaning of a given word. Speaking my mind, it is one of the most interesting ways of learning new words. 

You can see it in the picture.

There are some other websites you can bump into searching in the Internet. ‘’Just the word’ is one of them. This visual dictionary can help you memorize new collocation faster as you can see them typed in different colours. It is also possible to create word clouds.

The next way of enhancing your level of English is using such site as “fraze. it”. You can just type a word or a phrase, for example “official language” and see the list of sentences where it is used. It is also possible to find out an appropriate article choosing different topics. Moreover, you can also learn some other useful collocations and words. Just look at this picture! 

“Quizlet” is my favourite website. There you can create your own flashcard sets or use already made ones. Memorize the new vocabulary making different tests is funnier and more interesting. I am pasting the link of this site to my letter in order to you can give it a try: http://quizlet.com/49786481/theatre-for-the-deaf-flash-cards/
I hope it was very interesting and educational for you to get to know about the studying process in 2014. Actually, all these opportunities simplify studying a lot. Thanks to the new technologies it is now possible to learn English perfectly and be able to speak as a native speaker.  Just do it!

Best wishes,Your friend from the future.

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  1. Certainly, social networks force the prosess of learning foreign languages.We can easily chat with native speakers, communicate with our friends abroad, come into contact with great number of famous people. Don`t you think that such increase of the social network`s role is a way to the degradation at the same time?

  2. Modern technologies help us to make our studying rewarding and interesting. Now we can easily google any information we need, download and use it. Though we should bear in mind that e-learning have its pros and cons. We can easily download a lot of viruses which can damage our software or someone can hack into our account. However, if we are cautious everything will be fine.