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Where there is love there is life
It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul. When you are thrilled they glow and when you are upset they are filled with pain and tears. A slim seventy-five-year-old woman, despite her age has such eyes. They still amazing as many years ago when she had a slender waist, lovely complexion and straight auburn hair. Needless to say, due to her striking appearance she was one of the most beautiful girls in the village. When old woman has a little spare time, she always recalls good old days. Rosy was not only pretty girl, but also bright, determined and self-assured. Obviously, she was always in the centre of attention and all the boys fancied her. One of them was Jem a well-built, smart and handsome boy. He has a heart of gold and a lot of girls were crazy about him, but Jem was desperately in love with Rosy.  He asked her out a lot of times but she always turned it down. Jem definitely wasn’t her type.     

The next one was a tall, blonde-haired with droopy moustache Nickolas. He also had fallen madly in love with Rosy and always chatted up her. Nickolas was a real pain in the neck, pretty cunning and notorious for swindle. He has never got on well with people and looked down on them. So, Nickolas also could only dream about returned love.          

Rosy was also the object of Peter’s love. He was an immaculately groomed, optimistic, even-tempered and charismatic boy, other words a real character. He had a lot of traits a person could be proud of. Peter knew that Rosy had a tendency to refuse all boys but one day he plucked up the courage and let her know about his feelings. That time the girl also didn’t accept his proposal to go out with him
Actually, Rosy was as good as gold, trustworthy, conscientious and always put others first, but it was really hard to win her respect. A lot of people, especially young boys thought that Rosy was just full of herself and because of it all their attempts to attract her attention had gone wrong

One day on the wedding party of her friend Rosy saw an attractive, muscular, and considerate boy with blue eyes, namely Frank. It was certainly love at first sight. She knew at once he was the love of her life. Fortunately, the girl also turned the boy on. A couple of months later, they realised that they wanted to make a commitment to each other. They loved each other unconditionally all their life and neither of them had an affair with someone else.   

Having recalled everything, the eyes of old woman filled with tears because ten years have passed since her lovely husband passed away. She misses him very much! Now the meaning of her life is her children, fruits of their love and also her grandson with painfully familiar blue eyes and striking resemblance to his grandfather. 

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